Class of 2023 - Wynn Drenning

Dear Wynn,

As I am writing this, I realize that a huge part of your life is coming to an end. Starting at age 6, your love for the game was obvious. Your dedication to the sport has been an inspiration.

The are so many memories. A few that come to mind are, winning rec championships, the battle through the first years of Inferno, your first home run, all the amazing plays at the plate for the win (two being against the Swarm), and making starting catcher as a freshman for Woodgrove. But, I will always remember one car ride home. We were discussing a team that you thought you wanted to play for years before we joined Inferno. You said, “I am so glad we found Inferno and they found me. These are my best friends, if I hadn’t joined this team I think my life would have been ruined.” Granted, you were being quite dramatic, but you were also very serious. Your love for this team has been one of the greatest gifts. You have made life long friends and we truly have a second family.

I have been so blessed to be a part of this journey. Watching you grow into the unbelievable young lady you are and the fantastic player you’ve become has been such a joy. It is not always easy to have a parent as a coach. But, you have carried yourself with dignity in every aspect. I know that I can be tough on you. I know I expect a lot out of you. But, I also know that you expect a lot from yourself and want to be held to a high standard. You are one of the toughest people I know mentally and physically. And your love and compassion is felt by everyone you meet. Thank you for sharing this huge part of your life with me. It will be something I cherish forever.

You are the baby of the family. Your brothers and father never cut you any slack and you always gave it back as much as you took it. They love you and speak so proudly when anyone asks about your softball career. I have to give a shout of love and pride from your Grandfather. He has been on this journey with you more than anyone. He will always be your #1 fan!

We are so proud of you. We know that you will do amazing things at VCU!

Love, Mom, Dad, Ty and Seth

Wynn - I’m not exactly sure where to start. 8 summers ago your Mom brought you to a tryout and little did I know at that time the impact that day would have on our team. I’m just so appreciative that I got to be your coach for so long. Watching you become the talented, confident catcher that you are today brings a huge smile to my face (and just maybe a tear to my eye) just thinking about it. I’m so very proud of you!!!! I have so many fond softball memories, but I also think about the lifelong friendships that were formed along the way. Thank you to you, your Mom and the entire Drenning family for your support, loyalty and friendship! Best of luck at VCU #2!!