Class of 2020 - Kerri Golden

Dear Kerri,
Softball has been a major part of your life for a long time.  We still remember your first Inferno tryouts and how excited you were to be a part of the 10U team, eight years ago.
This sport has taught you more about how to handle yourself and all that life will throw at you than anything else.  We wouldn't trade a thing for all the time spent driving you to practices and tournaments, spending all day in the freezing cold or insane heat to watch you play this sport that you love.  
We are super excited to watch you continue to play at the University of Rochester (Go YELLOW JACKETS)!  You are going to a great team and a great college and we know you will continue to shine bright in both.
We are so proud of you, love you, and can't wait to see the next chapter!
Mom and Dad

 Kerri was one of the original players on our 12U team that went all the way to 18U. Kerri has always poured all she had into our team and would run thru a wall to get the job done. It’s not a figure of speech if you ever saw Kerri attack a ball in the air. It’s best to just get out of her way! Kerri always expressed how much she appreciated us coaches and we as coaches appreciate everything she gave to us. She is another one of our players that had the added pressure of having a coach on the team that expected her to go out there and get things done to make us the team we were. Kerri, as much or more than any player, can look back on how the game taught her about who she is and how to handle the roller coaster of emotions that are on a softball field and turn them into a positive energy even when things got tough. We wish Kerri the best as she continues her softball journey at the University of Rochester and we can’t wait to hear how she’s doing!

Coach Peter