Class of 2020 - Ally Ariganello

We are so proud of your grit behind the plate and your spirit in the dug out.  We will miss watching your throw downs, blocks and frames.  You've gained such confidence through loving and playing this game.  You've learned so much and developed such great friendships.  Take it all with you as you find new dreams to pursue and challenges to tackle. 
We love you!  Mom & Dad  

Ally is a force. Yes, she is a twin, but she is so unique. Ally never settles for the status quo and always pushes for excellence. She always has a great attitude and pushes people to be better than what they are willing to settle for. I could always count on Ally to step up and lead for me and she was always willing to stand in the gap, wherever needed. I'm going to miss her smile behind the plate and her "Coach Phil!" response every time I gave her a hard time. Love you, girl! You will be missed. Now go take that winning attitude to college and beyond!

Coach Phil