Class of 2023 - Addie Grinnell

At 5 years old you strutted onto that softball field with confidence as a Dirt Diva (with a JMU or Yankees hat, depending on the weather). If we only knew how much that first season would tell us about Addie Grinnell at 18! The determination to set a goal, the grit to achieve it, the humor to make all circumstances worth it, and the confidence to know you would make it happen. You officially earned the name Dirt Devil by making dirt angels on the field, diving after everything, and some crazy “did you see that?” slides. With Abby Coffmann by your side from the beginning you played softball every season and made lasting friendships. You could always be counted on to tell a joke.. sometimes even appropriate ones.

It’s fun to realize that freckle faced, sparkly eyed, ginger kid wearing JMU gear is about to become a freckle faced, sparkly eyed, ginger JMU student! Enjoy being a Duke! Then make sure it helps you achieve your goal to work for the Yankees.

It has been our privilege and joy to drive you to practice and road trips and tournaments. It has been our honor to watch your personality and character come out on the softball field. It is our hope to watch you achieve even more at JMU and beyond!

Keep enjoying every moment, take the knocks as they come but always get back up again as the great Addie Grinnell you are.

We love you more than words can express!
Mom and Dad

Addie - thank you for allowing me to coach you for the last 5 plus years. You are one of the best teammates anyone could ever ask for. And your softball skill set is off the charts. As I have stated to anyone that has ever asked - I believe you are as good of a 3rd baseman as there is anywhere. And your play in the outfield is pretty solid also. I am so thankful to you and your entire family for allowing me to be a small part of your journey. You are simply awesome #22!!