Class of 2021 - Emma Brown


We are so proud of the young woman that you have become, and we know that your experience playing softball played an important part in that. You are kind, compassionate, and you never take yourself too seriously. You approach life like you approached Softball for all these years, with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. You care deeply and love greatly, two qualities that we hope you always cherish in yourself. In 2nd grade, you found the Loudoun Girls Little League Softball flyer and decided you were playing. In 3rd grade, you decided you would be a pitcher and, in 5th grade, you tried out for Loudoun Inferno and began this important journey of self-discovery and personal perseverance. With softball, you have given a lot but, in return, you have received so much. In your softball community, you found friends, mentors, extra parents and a community of people who cared for you, laughed with you, and taught you. I hope you stand here today as you wrap up this chapter of your life and look back with pride, reflection, and the knowledge that you know how to stumble, get back up, and keep moving forward in life. This Fall, when you move in to the College of Charleston and start your new journey to becoming a Teacher, you will be carrying with you the tools, experience, and community of friends and family to accomplish anything that you can dream. 


Mom & Dad