Class of 2020 - Elizabeth Padiotis

Dear Elizabeth, 

We are so proud of you and everything that you have accomplished. It's really hard to believe that this all started out with a us just trying to find a sport for a girl to play to keep her busy.  Here we are seven years later, the first part of your journey is over. Being part of the ups and downs has been nerve wracking and exciting. Being able to watch your growth from a young girl learning how to catch and hit to the hard working talented athlete you have become has been amazing. What you have accomplished playing softball has made us proud but your dedication, hard work, and never give up attitude has been the best part to be a witness too. The lessons and hard work ethic that you learned playing the sport you love will pay dividends the rest of your life. Congratulations, We can't wait to watch you play at Shepherd University. 
Mom, Dad, and Eli !

Liz also was one of the players that were with us from the very beginning and had all of the added pressure and expectations that come with having a staff that expects players to earn and fight to hold their spots. Liz always handled that pressure by embracing it and taking control of her position and always asking the good questions and giving us feedback on what we were doing to make sure we stayed on our trajectory. Off the field Liz was always good for a wise crack that would come out of nowhere and usually it would be spot on and oh so true! On the field it got to when there was a ball hit in the outfield we waited for Liz to make one of her running, diving, sliding or over the shoulder catches. The transformation of Liz from a 12U player that tried 4 or 5 positions to being an outfielder that embraced every aspect of the responsibilities that come with being a center fielder has led her to flourish with confidence and be a team leader that others can look up to. We as a staff couldn’t be more proud of Liz and what she has accomplished and look forward to seeing her attack the world with the same tenacity and focus. She is taking the next step in her journey at Shepard University to play college softball.

Coach Peter