Class of 2020 - Megan Hatt


With all of the emotions we as a family, a community, and as a nation are feeling during this time, it is a gigantic task to summarize what we are feeling as Megan’s softball journey comes to an end. With that said, we will dig in to focus on the tremendous journey we have had over the years as part of the Inferno organization, and how that time will help to shape Megan’s future. 

Megan’s softball career officially began in 12U, when we set out to see what the travel ball thing was like. A number of players from that tryout decided to ban together and form a second 12U team as an older 12U team was already formed. From there, we became a second family and we’ve been hooked ever since. This wonderful 7 year journey has cumulated in a number of memories that include both triumph and heartache. There were breathtaking moments, there was frustration, and there was a lot of time and effort put in to perform at such a high level. Whether we competed with, and beat, some of the best teams up and down the coast, or had a crushing Sunday morning loss, we look back at the voyage and have endless wonderful memories of teammates, families, lifelong friendships, grit, endurance, and perseverance that will guide Megan through the rest of her life.

Amazingly, as both a coach and a father, I was able to stand ringside and watch with pride and amazement as Megan battled in the batter’s box and made spectacular plays in the dirt. Mom was able to cheer, support, ride the highs and fight through the lows right along Megan’s side.

I didn’t need this moment to realize how much I would miss it when she finally decided her time in the batter’s box was over. I knew all along, and that is why we as a family were all-in for the ride as long as it would take us. Now, as Megan moves on to the next step in her life, we know that her next journey will be partially defined by her time on the ball field and with this organization. She will take with her these experiences and her future will be fueled by the incredible amount of toughness she showed us on the diamond and her knowing as tough as life will get, nothing will compare to staring down a 65 mile per hour fastball with the game on the line. 

With love,

Mom and Dad

Megan along with 2 of the other seniors had her journey start with our 1st year of 12U and she was with the team all the way thru. She has ability to be a leader by actions over words and always amazed us with her play at the hot corner and behind the plate. We can never forget the week we were down a catcher and she caught 10 games in South Carolina on our way to one of our defining championships. Seeing her laugh and cry with the game she loved, exude joy over a victory or the pain of a defeat it always fueled her to keep taking the next step in the journey. Being the daughter of a coach comes with extra responsibilities and Meg really embraced that as our team turned the corner in being competitive up and down the coast. As coaches, friends and parents we have a million wonderful memories to look back on as Megan takes on the next chapter of her life and now she takes on the world with the same spirit and determination it took to play the sport we all love. We wish her the best of luck as she is enrolled to attend Coastal Carolina this fall.

Coach Peter