Class of 2023 - Emma Celentano

Dear Emma,
Words cannot describe how proud of you we are. Watching you play the sport you love over the past 12+ years has brought us so much joy. When you started at age 6, you were a shy, timid, quiet little girl, yet you were determined to play your heart out every time you stepped on the field. And then we watched you grow into a confident, brave, strong athlete with a commanding voice and unwavering knowledge of the game. Softball has undoubtedly made you who you are today and we have been the lucky ones to watch it unfold. From the days of sparkly hair bows and post-game snacks to showcase tournaments around the country, we wouldn’t have missed a moment. As you close this chapter of your life and begin the next, we know it’s bittersweet for you and you will have moments that you will feel lost without that glove on your hand or hearing the ting of the ball hit your bat. But take with you all you have learned, all who you have met and loved, all the failures and successes and know that it was the love of the game that molded you. Every coach, every teammate, every incredible play, and every RoFo breakfast. It was all worth it.

It’s time to soar, babygirl. We can’t wait to see you do big things at East Carolina!

With all our love to the moon and back, Mom and Dad

Emma, I so wish I would have had the opportunity to coach you for longer than one year. I think you are awesome! Your personality is infectious and you fit in with our group immediately. Thank you for giving our team the opportunity to get to know you and your family. Best of luck #20 and congratulations!!