Class of 2020 - Erin Guenther

WOW! Erin... Erin is crazy responsible, gifted, and willing to do anything to serve others. Anytime something needed attention or cared for, Erin raised her hand and took over. She was the one on the sidelines that I could always turn to and get help. She had so many physical issues that it kept her off the field often. But, that never changed her spirit and you could always find her sitting right next to me helping, serving, and loving her team. No way you can replace Erin, no way. I'm going to miss you a ton. My love goes with you as you go and show the world who you are!  

Coach Phil

Dear Erin,

It has been a great joy watching you grow into the caring and compassionate young woman we know now. Softball has been a large part of your life over the past seven years and we have cheered every play and been grateful that you've had the chance to experience it with so many wonderful people over the years. 
We are proud of all of your academic and sports accomplishments. You've excelled in so many areas because of your hard work and dedication.  But to us, the most amazing thing is that you are one of the most supportive, caring, and giving people we know. You always think of others - it's about the greater good in every part of your life.  You help your classmates, cheer your team on even when you can't play, and you think about how to make the best of any situation or setback.
You are one of those special people who will always look to help others.  As a friend, teammate, coworker, mentor - you place the needs of others before your own and bring joy and comfort to all.

We love you, Erin, and thank God for you.
Mom and Dad