Class of 2020 - Breanna Kutz

Dear Breanna,
We are very proud of all the hard work you have put in over the years in school, softball, and life in general. You have grown from a shy toddler with a menacing stare to an outgoing young adult, always storming through whatever may be in your way.  Although it took some time, you found softball to be your favorite activity.  From recreational league to summer travel league to year-round travel league, we loved watching you play, grow, and have fun - even when having to get out of bed before dawn to get to a tournament.   We will miss you and will miss watching you play softball.  We know you will find your way in college and put all your effort into whatever path you choose to take in life. Stay strong and know that we are always here for you.   


Mom and Dad

Our BK. BK has one of the best smiles you'll ever see. She was always one of our most quiet girls, at least until you got her going. I would always give her a hard time about speaking up and getting loud until I was sitting at lunch one day with the team. Boy, she can talk! HA, I love this girl. She was that silent force that would step up to the plate and look determined. The team might not have always heard her, but there was no doubt she was there and giving it her everything. Thank you, BK, for being who you are and constantly being that encouraging person to me as a coach. Love you and will miss you. I know you have great things ahead of you!

Coach Phil