This October we are excited to announce that we have 2 outstanding players of the month – they are both so deserving we couldn’t pick just one!

Our first player of the month is Lauren Cook! .

On the field this fall, Lauren has been improved her contact rate tremendously over seasons past. She went 15 games this fall before recording her first strikeout as a batter. She has worked hard in all aspects of her game and continues to grow as a softball player. Besides hard work, another great trait of Lauren’s is her positive attitude and selfless, team-first mentality. Lauren will do anything for the team, any role that is ever asked of her. The latest example, in a game where she was due up 3rd, in the bottom of an inning with time running out, that if we got 2 quick outs, would she be willing to strike out on purpose to extend the game one more inning. We didn’t have to explain to her the logic in trying to mount a comeback would be easier with 3 outs than with just 1. She understood immediately and said absolutely she would do it for the team. Lauren truly cares about her teammates and this team. She is a joy to have on the team and it is great to see her continuous improvement at the game she loves.