Class of 2019 Shayna Lubitz

Dear Shayna,
A true leader both on and off the field. We're incredibly proud of the many accomplishments during your softball years, but more so in the classroom and in life. Your passion of helping others - friends and strangers alike - will lead you to great success. The best is yet to come. #SyracuseBound
Love, Mom and Dad

What can I say about coaching Shayna? Energy, motivational, leadership, caring, servant, teammate, and others are words that come quickly to my mind. Sadly, I have only been able to have Shayna for two years, but wish I had the privilege of having her all through the years. She was an automatic jolt to our team when she joined two years ago. You could feel her passion and love of the game and it was and has been infectious (in a good way!). Unfortunately, Shayna had an injury that has taken her out of softball through the majority of her senior year. But, her persistence and desire to move past an injury to play the sport she loves is encouraging. It has been my honor to coach Shayna and I know she will rock Syracuse for the coming years. I'm so proud of you, Shayna, and I know you will do some great things. Always maintain your heart and love for others and continue serving those in need. You are an example to us all. We will all love and miss you greatly!

Coach Phil