Class of 2019 - Rylee Hale

It is hard to believe. A gymnast that wanted to try softball eight years ago has become a softball player that makes unbelievable catches, clutch hits and lays down beautiful bunts. But, we are proudest of you for the teammate that you are. Helping in any way you can. Encouraging and cheering for every player. Leading by example. 
We will certainly miss seeing you give everything you have for that diving catch, or to beat that throw from a surprise bunt. And even though this chapter is ending, we will enjoy watching you in new challenges and seeing you continue to “lay out” for every tough thing that comes your way.

Love, Mom and Dad

What can I say about Rylee? She, and her family, have made such a difference on our team that it is hard to put into words. Rylee never quits and always wants us to work toward excellence. She is that player that will ask the hard questions and won't settle for surface answers. She takes the game seriously, but also takes having fun afterwards seriously. I've stood in many roller coaster and amusement park ride lines with this girl and seen her cry (literally) being a "fraidy cat" and not wanting to get on, BUT she did anyway. When she struggled in an area in softball, she worked hard to become better, never settling. I'm so proud of you girl, and I know you are going to make a difference in your life as you care and love others so much. We will truly miss you, but we know you are going to bless others. Love you girl!

Coach Phil