Class of 2019 Amaani Allen

Dearest Amaani,

This softball thing all started out as hey do you want to try playing a sport?  You said sure…I want to play soccer!  In the meantime, there were signups for LGSL and softball and you said sure why not!  There was also basketball, but this softball thing became a passion  and you latched on to this sport and have become an unofficial ambassador for the game.  The friendships that you have made will become lifelong friendships; the life lessons that you have learned will carry you through some of the most challenging situations that you will encounter as you venture out into the world.  This sport has given you serious highs ( a no-hitter) and very traumatic moments (line-drive to the mouth), but you never truly lost your passion for the sport.  Sure you thought of quitting, but when the opportunity to stop playing completely was there you didn’t quit…you just pared back your commitments and continued to play.

As your time draws to an end as an active player, we don’t know what we will do with our weekends!  Well, one of us may not know…

Your level of play has inspired many younger players and at some level we hope that you will continue to give back to a sport that has given you so much.  Yes, we know you are on to bigger and better things and will probably do some incredible things in the music world but there is too much talent and knowledge not to pass along to the next generation of young ladies that aspire to be great.  No pressure…

Teammates have called you “jack-rabbit”, “silly”, “double A” and those that have seen you play marvel at what you can and have done on the field.  In your mind you are just “#2”, a number you have worn since you were at least six or seven.  To us you are Amaani, our beautiful and super talented young lady that we have enjoyed watching play fastpitch softball for the past twelve almost thirteen years.

Our work is not done…we have some business to handle in July down in Florida.  Looking forward to your last tournament while also a little sadden to see it come to an end.  We love you and we will always support you.  It is now time for you to see your hopes and dreams fulfilled (no more dream crushing and offering hope to opponents after July – inside joke).

Love you always…

Mommy and Daddy

It it hard to put into words what kind a player and person Amaani is. I have had the privilege to coach her since her 12U years and seen her grow into not only an incredible player, but a wonderful person.

Amaani, in her quite demeanor, leads and encourages those around her. Simply by her presence, she teaches others that life is more than softball and to not sweat the small stuff (which drives her dad crazy!).

Thank you, Amaani, for the honor to coach you through these years. You have helped me and been patient with me when others may not have been. To say our team and this organization will miss you would be an understatement. Know that I love you, your team loves you, and this organization loves you. Now, go and show the world who Amaani is!

Coach Phil