Class of 2019 - Abby Broughton

Dear Abby,

We are so proud of you and your many accomplishments. For nine years, we've watched you grow, gain confidence, develop skills, become a leader, and be a great teammate through softball. Your experience in the game has taught you so much about life. As you end your softball career, take those lessons to Penn State and show people how wonderful you are! We love you and can't wait to see what the future brings! Dream BIG!

Love, Mom and Dad

From the moment Abby stepped on to our team we have been on an amazing ride. She infused an excitement and enthusiasm into our team that was desperately needed and has never backed away from it. Abby is a team leader and works to keep her team focused and motivated. I have been blessed to have her as a player, with her great softball skills and heart for the game. But it's more than that, she is someone who loves her team, her coaches, and wants to do more than the status quo. The team, our family, will miss you Abby. We will miss the smiles and laughter you brought to us all. You have made an impact on our lives and we love you. Now, you go be you and change the world!

Coach Phil